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Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser

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Gummed paper tape is making a come back. The most eco friendly packaging tape there is.  It is 100% biodegradable and compostable as it is just made from paper and natural water activated gum.

We have two different dispensers available for the gummed tape.  A new, more affordable desktop dispenser which is simple to load and use.  We also do a much heavier duty, definite length dispenser with a dispensing handle and water reservoir.  These are amazing.  We use them ourselves in our own store for sending out freight parcels to our customers.

The gummed paper tape is activated when you apply water.  Once you apply water and apply the tape to a cardboard box or paper wrapping, it binds with the fibres to become an integral part of the package.  It sticks permanently and once dried it cannot be remove with causing obvious damage so you know that the parcel has been tampered with.

The gummed tape is available in plain 75mm wide rolls or reinforced with fibreglass fibres for extra strength.  The reinforced tape is not biodegradable because of the fibreglass.

We have a sample dispenser in out showroom if you want to see one.