“Biodegradable Additive” Rubbish Bags and Bin Liners

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These bags have a biodegradable additive D2W, and are designed to reduce the impact of plastic as litter. Time frame for degradation depends upon environmental conditions and requires oxygen to be present. The degradation process can take several years. When disposed of in landfill, Eco-pal bags are unlikely to degrade – but degradation is possible. If degradation occurs it will take significantly longer than if the bag is in the open environment. If degradation occurs, it is followed by biodegradation and no harmful chemicals remain. These products are not suitable for composting.

How does D2W work?


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Kitchen Tidy Liner 590x760mm 30/roll, Pedal Bin Liner 510x650mm 30/roll, Refuse Bag with tie 640x950mm 20/roll, Wheelie Bin Liner 1150x1470mm 15/roll