100% Recycled Courier Mailer Bags

$0.25$100.00 ex. GST


  • These 100% Recycled Courier Bags do not contain any virgin plastic.
  • This even includes the plastic from the removable adhesive backing and the inner (the bag that holds the courier bags) packing bag, both are 100% recycled.
  • The rustic feel and thickness of these amazing courier bags mean that they can be reused multiple times before they need to be recycled.
  • R3Pack Brand – NB Shardlows are distributors for R3Pack products
  • These bags can be put in the Soft Plastics recycling bins in your area.  If you do not have this service available they must go into general waste and landfill.
  • Business can put these into their commercial plastics recycling bin – LINK to service

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A2 450x610mm +flap (100/pack), A2 450x610mm +flap (each), A3 360x415mm + Flap (each), A3 recycled 360x415mm +flap (100), A4 255x325mm +flap (100/pack), A4 255x325mm +flap (each), A5 180x280mm +flap (100/pack), A5 180x280mm +flap (each), DLE 130x240mm +flap (100/pack), DLE 130x240mm +flap (each), FS 280x380mm +flap (100/pack), FS 280x380mm +flap (each), LF 400x440mm +flap (100/pack), LF 400x440mm +flap (each), XXL 600x650mm + flap (100), XXL 600x650mm + flap (each)