Chill Wrap Ice Pack Sheets

$2.00 ex. GST


  • An ice replacement product using Sodium Polyacrylate Super Absobant Powder in a sheet of polyester film and non-woven fabric.  
  • Cellular layout to provide flexibility.
  • Sheets have perforation along the middle so you can easily halve the sheet
  • Cells can but cut to whatever you require
  • When placed in water the sheet absorbs the water into the powder and turns into a harmless gel
  • The gel particles are too big to pass back through the fabric liner
  • When frozen, Chill Wrap provides a non-leaking, flexible ice replacement with excellent heat absorption properties
  • No adhesives are used in the manufacturing process
  • All contactable surfaces are approved for direct contact with food products
  • 6×4 cubes per sheet
  • Available as single sheets or bulk pricing at 100 and 300 sheets


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6×4 cube Chillwrap Sheet – each