Compostable Stand Up Pouches with zipper

$230.00$650.00 ex. GST


  • Product not held in stock.  Lead time usually 3-4 days
  • Made from brown kraft paper and PLA
  • Home Compostable
  • Sold per carton
  • Ideal for food – nuts, cereals, powders, liquids
  • Can be heat sealed
  • Please note the lining within the compostable pouches is thinner than the lining in standard pouches. We recommend that you trial your product in the pouches to ensure that they meet your packaging requirements

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SU1 110x170mm COMP, SU1 110x170mm COMP + window, SU2 120x200mm COMP, SU2 120x200mm COMP + window, SU3 130x210mm COMP + Window, SU3 140x210mm COMP, SU4 160x230mm COMP, SU4 160x230mm COMP + window, SU5 190x260mm COMP, SU5 190x260mm COMP + window, SU6 235x335mm COMP, SU6 235x335mm COMP + window