Ecoware – 195mm Sugarcane Bowl Lid – (400/ctn)

$125.00 ex. GST



  • Our range of tree-free, cane pulp packaging includes Ecoware sugarcane bowls and lids, certified for both home and commercial composting.
  • Strong and sturdy fibres mean these bowls are great for hot foods like ramen, soups and curries.
  • Best of all, they’re certified home compostable, so everyone can play a part in diverting organic waste from landfill.
  • The 195mm lid fits the 700ml and 960ml bowl

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17cm Sugarcane plate with edge 1000/carton, 195mm Sugarcane Lid for 700/950ml bowls 400/carton, 22cm Sugarcane plate with edge 1000/carton, 500ml Sugarcane Bowl (no lid) 1000/carton, 700ml Sugarcane Bowl (195mm) 400/carton, 950ml Sugarcane Bowl (195mm) 400/carton