Ecoware – Kraft Noodle Boxes

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  • Water and oil resistant
  • Commercially compostable – only in selected areas. Please check if your local composting facility accepts compostable food packaging.  More info HERE
  • Oil-free
  • PLA Bioplastic-
  • Polylactide (PLA) is a natural polyester derived from renewable plant material. We prefer to use the world’s most reputable brand, Ingeo™. During production, Ingeo™ emits up to 80% less CO2 than the comparable manufacture of traditional plastic-like PS and PET*. It looks, feels and performs like traditional plastic, but is low-emission and plant-based to make for a more sustainable product.PLA is routinely composted around the world in commercial facilities and holds multiple international composting certificates.
  • Renewable resources
  • Hot content friendly
  • Cold content friendly
  • Non-toxic inks

Ingeo™ – Naturally advanced low-carbon-footprint Ingeo™ resins (Polylactide or PLA) are manufactured by US company, NatureWorks LLC: a world-leading biopolymers supplier and innovator. They supply resin made from renewable plant resources, which we manufacture and manipulate into Ecoware food packaging. The production of Ingeo™ emits fewer greenhouse gasses than the comparable manufacture of common petrochemical-based plastic 1. In short, this technology allows us to turn plants into plastic

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16oz Round Kraft Noodle Box 480ml, 16oz Round Kraft Noodle Box 480ml (Full carton of 500), 26oz Round Kraft Noodle Box 780ml, 26oz Round Kraft Noodle Box 780ml (Full Carton of 500), 32oz Round Kraft Noodle Box 960ml, 32oz Round Kraft Noodle Box 960ml (Full carton of 500)