Stylus 511 Fluoro Neon Gaffer Tape

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  • Stylus 511 Fluorescent Tapes are a popular choice for professionals in the theatre, film/video and stage production industry.
  • This neon coloured non-reflective Gaffer tape has excellent conformability and removes cleanly from most surfaces, perfect for colour coding, tagging, marking stages and sets out.
  • Tape off the roll tears straight, hangs straight and is curl resistant, the matt finish enables the surface of the tape to be written on with pencils, pens and markers
  • non-reflective matte fluorescent cloth tape
  • vinyl coated waterproof cloth – suitable for Sharpie markers and ballpoint pens
  • medium strength rubber adhesive
  • easy tear and clean removal characteristics
  • for carpet, painted timber floors, ABS plastic laminate road cases, polypropylene cases, nylon bags and more
  • low residue, safe to use and non-toxic
  • good to use as a spike tape to mark floors during rehearsals and set-up
  • “T” to mark actor/performer toe positions, “L” for furniture, prop and lectern movements
  • suitable for colour coding, marking and sealing of film canisters, stage and set decoration, labelling
  • Available Fluorescent Colours: Green, Orange, Pink and Yellow
  • 24mm and 48mm
  • 55 metre rolls

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24mmx55m Neon Green, 24mmx55m Neon Orange, 24mmx55m Neon Pink, 24mmx55m Neon Yellow, 48mmx55m Neon Green, 48mmx55m Neon Orange, 48mmx55m Neon Pink, 48mmx55m Neon Yellow