Scotch® Masking Tape for Hard-to-Stick Surfaces 2060

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Scotch®  Masking Tape for Hard-to-Stick Surfaces 2060 is the professionals’ choice in projects where higher adhesion tapes are needed, such as on concrete, brick or grout.

Can be used with lacquer coatings. They provide exceptional durability and staying power, yet consistently remove cleanly without surface damage or adhesive transfer. These tapes bond aggressively, yet have a smooth unwind.

  • Recommended for:  Block, Brick, Concrete, Stucco, Grout, Marble, Mortar and rough wood,Metal Doors, Fixtures, Hardware, Siding- Anodised, Lacquered, Enamel, Varnish or Acrylic Cabinets, Doors, Windows, Trim, Lacquered Metal Hardware and Fixtures, Wood Siding, Clapboard, Carpet and Fabric, Caulk, Glass, Laminates, uncoated Metals, Plastics, Porcelain, Solid Surfaces, Countertops and Smooth Surfaces
  • Adhesion: Very High
  • Good for: Interior
  • Removal Time:  3 day removal

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