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3M DT Series Duct Tapes

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The DT Series Duct Tape is a new range by 3M. It is non curling when it comes of the roll so it won’t wind up and stick to itself. It is also easy to tear by hand. Another unique feature of the DT series Duct tape is that when placed on it’s side, it does stick to the surface it is sitting on nor does it pick up dust and dirt on it’s side.

DT8 is an All Purpose Duct Tape which is conformable with an instant bond. It is ideal for contoured surfaces and quick labeling. It also has good tensile strength for light duty bundling applications. This is a good general purpose duct tape to have on hand for all quick repair jobs, splicing and temporary holding.

DT11 is a Heavy Duty Duct Tape with strong holding power. This is the go to tape for more demanding jobs. This tape will stick immediately and stays on irregular hard-to-bond surfaces without lifting. The DT11 is water resistant. The polyethylene backing resists wear and light abrasion which makes this tape good for securing temporary floor coverings. The DT11 can also be used for a moisture-resistant seal in many containment situations, such as pipe sealing and attaching heavy poly draping.

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