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Shardlows Packaging has the widest range of stock cartons in the South Island.  We carry all our stock sizes on the shelf and sell as little as little one single carton up to as many as you require.  Discounts are available at different quantity breaks.

We can arrange the manufacture of custom sizes and custom printed boxes also.  

All our boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard and can be recycled after use. 

RSC cartons or “Regular Slotted Case” cartons are your standard cartons that come flat and you fold them up and tape them closed.  These are the cheapest and most basic style of carton.  They come in a standard grade thickness (S20C).  We also tock a range of cartons in a heavy duty grade cardboard (S30C) for heavier requirements and international shipping.

Box and lid type cartons are where you have a base and a lid that is slightly larger that slips over the edges of the base.  These cartons come in two sheets of card that you either staple of tape together to make a box and lid.  These are generally known as suit boxes of which we stock two sizes – A5 and A6.

Cartons can be made in custom sizes – we can arrange a short run service.  Please enquire with customer service.

We can also arrange custom print on your cartons.  Custom print will require an additional charge for a printing plate.

We have no minimum purchase quantity on our stock cartons.  You can buy just one if that’s all you need.

We have a few sizes that are also ideal for moving house.  A stock 10 carton is perfect for clothing, lines, towels etc.  A stock 9 is good for all other items – kitchen contents, ornaments, books, shoes etc.