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Super roller and transfer tape – Double Sided Tape System

The Fantastak super roller dispenser and tape cartridge system is the latest development in the application of double sided tapes.

Benefits of the Fantastak Super Roller

  • Lightweight and ergonomically balanced – shaped to fit the hand perfectly
  • Cartridge holds up to 75 metres of tape (more than the 55m 3M ATG tapes) – less tape change and more productivity
  • The unique quick refill cartridge system means no messy tape threading or winding
  • All plastics used are recyclable

Benefits of Permanent Transfer Tape

  • Permanent acrylic adhesive with excellent initial tack and long life bond strength
  • Available in individual cartridges for quick and easy refill of dispenser
  • Roll size: 8mm x 75 metres
  • Non-toxic – safe to use. No solvents or hazardous substances
  • PAT (photographic Activity Test) approved to ISO 14523 – Acid free and suitable for archival work and photographic applications
  • Very low stain compared to other adhesive types
  • CE (European conformity) approved, meeting EN71 European Product safety standards
  • Clean and easy application, without the mess of other adhesive products

Typical Applications

  • This permanent adhesive bonds to most materials such as metals, plastics, paper, cardboard and textiles
  • Used as a bonding, joining, securing method for brochures, points of sales material, posters and sample swatch assembly
  • Designed for gift wrapping, decoration and scrapbook assembly, also for various arts and crafts applications.
  • Specially designed and approved for photographic attachment and archival work.
  • Ability to replace various mechanical fixing methods such as drawing pins, staples and clip systems, also messy liquid adhesives and glue sticks.
  • Used by printing, picture framers and product assembly companies, at schools, offices and home.


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