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Inseal Foam Tape – 3109 Soft Foam

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3109 Inseal is a soft closed cell foam tape coated on one side with an acrylic adhesive. The other side of the tape is non-adhesive and has a paper lining.

3109 is a nice soft foam tape and is great for sealing between irregular and uneven surfaces. The 3109 inseal tape compresses very easily as it is a soft foam.

It will act as a water and air/dust seal when compressed to 30%.

It is black in colour.

• Suitable for anti-rattle and anti-vibration applications
• Forms a compression watertight seal
• Forms a compression air/dust seal
• Cushioning and gap-filling of irregular surfaces
• For preventing electrolytic corrosion
• For anti-slip mounting

• Good resistance to dilute acid and alkalis
• Very good UV light resistance
• Resistance to abrasion, corrosion and moisture
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments
• No known hazards associated with this product
• Clean edge finish