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Meto Eagle Pricing Guns

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If you need to label your products with prices, dates or codes, you will need a good quality hand label machine.  Meto brand are a good quality label gun that we stock.  They are available in single line models ie just printing 1 line of numbers or letters or a combination of both.  The basic model is a 718 price gun for labelling a price on your product.  Or you can get a date gun which has a combination of numbers and letters so you can enter a Packed On or Best Before Date eg 13DEC20.  The labels come pre-printed with either Packed On, Use By or Best Before.  There are plain labels available in either removable or permanent grade.

If you require a 2 line gun ie you need to print out a price on the top line and a code on the bottom line then you will need a Meto 1522 gun.  These guns come in numerical models where you can print a price on the top row and a code on the bottom or you can get a 2 line Date Model gun which will print a price or code on the top line and a ate on the bottom line.  Again, the labels come in plain or pre-printed with Best Before, Use By, Fluoro Yellow.

When the ink runs a little low, we have replacement ink rollers for all models.

For more information on Meto Price Label guns, you can look at the Saito website (NB we are distributors for Saito).

For loading these labellers you can check out our you tube video