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New Detpak GO Food Packaging – Recyclable

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The new Detpak GO range of food packaging is one of the leading ranges of sustainable and recyclable food packaging.  The food containers and trays are made out of high quality, uncoated brown board.  The GO Range of food packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable.  The board is also made from sustainably sourced paper pulp. 

The GO Range features the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) for customers to best understand the end of life options for their takeaway packaging.  This labelling system is a new system for Australia and New Zealand.  For more information on this label, Go to the Planet Ark website.

The Detpak GO Range of food packaging is one of the first disposable packaging ranges to featuer the ARL “Recyclable” symbol.  Once food scraps are removed, the GO Range can go straight into the kerbside recycling bins.  This is because there is no plastic or PLA lining on the board. 

The GO Range of food packaging includes: food trays, meal boxes, burger boxes, hot dog trays, chip boxes.

This range is perfect for all takeaway food shops and stalls including outdoor events.