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Recyclable Waste Bins

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We have just received a new line of non-plastic recyclable cardboard rubbish bins. These are available in 3 different bins for separating your rubbish. There is a bin for recycling (plastics, glass etc). There is a bin for Paper and Cardboard and there is a bin for Rubbish.  The rubbish bin (the red one) has a water barrier coating for any coffee splashes from your coffee cups etc. This barrier will break down.

Available in singles or in packs of 9’s these plastic free bins are a great idea to eliminate plastic in your office environment.  They can be re-used or they can be thrown in your recycling bin.

  • Each bin is made from 90% recycled cardboard
  • Environmentally friendly and compostable or disposable through your recycling bins
  • Do not require an internal liner
  • Each bin is colour coded for your specific waste
  • Easy carry diecut hand holes
  • Ideal for classrooms, offices, cafeterias, universities and any workplaces focused on reducing plastic.