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RecycleMe™ Cups by Detpak – these cups actually get recycled into photocopy paper and don’t go into landfill!

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  • RECYCLE ME™ cups by Detpak are a takeaway cup with a special lining that makes it possible to collect and recycle the cups into further products. 
  • RecycleMe™Cups actually get recycled into photocopy paper.  Photocopy paper then gets recycled again.  The paper used for the cups has up to 7 lives.
  • Other cups on the market actually go into landfill because it is difficult to remove the plastic lining that makes the cup waterproof and fit for purpose. 
  • The Detpak RecycleMe™Cup has a next generation lining that is able to be removed so the rest of the cup can actually be recycled and pulped.


  • The daily ritual of a takeaway coffee is an integral part of our day to day lives in New Zealand. This has resulted in millions of cups going into landfill as there has been no viable recycling process to deal with PE lined cups.  
  • To help deliver a better environmental outcome, compostable cups were introduced. But unfortunately the commercial composting process required to break down these cups isn’t readily available. Plus the cup material is far too valuable to be turned into mulch after a single use.
  • RecycleMe™ cups have an innovative mineral-based lining which is simple to remove during recycling. Cups can be easily returned to RecycleMe™ collection bins at cafes or event venues for recycling. Now you can enjoy your coffee knowing that the cup can be transformed into new products. 

  • RecycleMe™ cups are a great idea for events, fun runs, festivals etc.  Collection bins can be set up for the cups to be put into and then collected by TIMG for recycling.  We can arrange TIMG to collect the bags of used cups for a small collection fee or you can collect the cups yourselves and drop them off at a TIMG location at no extra cost. 
  • Some cafes have collection bins for the RecycleMe™coffee cups with special compartments for drips, lids and cups.  RecycleMe™ cups are available in single or double wall and there are options for coffee cups and for water cups.
  • RecycleMe™ cups would be perfect in a Marathon or Fun Run as the runner can grab their cup of water on the way through the drink station and then throw their cup in a collection bin on the way past.  Then the full bins can be collected and returned to TIMG for recycling. 


  • If you would like more information on these cups, please contact us.  Samples are also available.