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Ultra High Bond Double Sided Tape

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UHB or otherwise known as Ultra High Bond Double Sided acrylic permanent bonding tape. This tape is very popular in the construction industry.  Excellent UV, moisture and weather resistance.  Available in clear, white and grey and various thicknesses and widths.  This tape is used for bonding the following materials; plastics, glass, metals, laminates, high surface energy plastics, and low surface energy plastics (although a primer is recommended for low surface energy plastics).

Applications for this UHB tape: great for bonding glass, plastics and metals. Permanent joining of metals in high dynamic stress applications. This tape is perfect for signage, mounting nameplates and display products. Also great for mounting architectural hardware.  Great for securing and positioning mirrors and building panels.

UHB tape has a thickness to it so it is great for bonding and mounting on irregular surfaces.  The foam absorbs the irregularities in the two bonding materials.