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What are formatubes?

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We have recently been getting more enquiries for Formatubes. These large cardboard tubes are used in the construction industry.  Large lightweight cardboard tubes with a PE lining that are placed in position and then concrete poured inside to create concrete pillars.  The cardboard can then be removed after 24 to 36 hours to reveal a solid, smooth concrete pillar.

The PE lining is a non-stick lamination so the concrete does not stick to the inside of the tubes – making a smooth and clean removal.

They aonly require simple, lightweight timber bracing to keep them upright and are so light that they are able to placed into position with minimal effort. Steel reinforcing can be used inside the tubes and poured concrete can be vibrated using an immersion vibrator.

Available in different diameters.  Some diameters are not able to be cut to size in the factory but can be cut on site with a hand saw.

Formatubes are specifically designed to be used by builders to pour concrete columns above or below ground or can be used in ground to prevent soil collapsing when digging.