Kraft Tin Tie Retail Bags D4002T 1Kg Kraft Tin Tie Bag 127x76x327mm (500) no window

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Retail bags are poly-lined for freshness, and are great for dry foods, like coffee beans, loose leaf tea, biscuits, chocolates and nuts.

  • The 500g bag is offered in brown, and can be can be sealed with a bar heater and easily resealed with the tin-tie.
  • Features: Poly-lined for freshness, Easy to seal with a bar heat-sealer, Free-standing when filled with product,Can be resealed with the tin-tie,BPA free
  • Suitable For: Chilled Contents, Extended Shelf Life, Frozen Contents, High Grease Contents, Limited Shelf Life, Mild Grease Contents
  • Packing Suggestions: Coffee Beans, Tea Leaves, Biscuits, Nougat, Peanut Brittle, Hard Confectionery, Chocolate, Muffins, Nuts, Dried Pasta

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1Kg 127x76x327mm (100), 1Kg 127x76x327mm (500), 250g 85x47x235mm (100), 250g 85x47x235mm (500), 500g 100x60x275mm (100), 500g 100x60x275mm (500)