Polythene Bags – Light Duty Natural

$8.00$100.00 ex. GST


We stock a wide range of standard light duty (30 micron) clear polythene bags.

Most sizes are packed in 250’s but the larger sizes come in packs of 100’s. Our regular stock bags are not biodegradable.


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1000x1500mm, 100x125mm, 100x150mm, 100x200mm, 100x250mm, 100x300mm, 100x375mm, 125x200mm, 125x300mm, 150x200mm, 150x250mm, 150x300mm, 175x225mm, 175x300mm, 200x250mm, 200x300mm, 200x375mm, 225x375mm, 250x300mm, 250x350mm, 250x375mm, 250x450mm, 300x350mm, 300x375mm, 300x400mm, 300x450mm, 300x500mm, 300x600mm, 350x450mm, 375x500mm, 375x600mm, 400x450mm, 400x600mm, 450x600mm, 450x750mm, 450x900mm, 500x750mm, 600x1200mm, 600x900mm, 750x1000mm, 75x100mm, 900x1200mm, 900x1390mm