Polythene Bags – Medium and Heavy Duty Natural

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We stock a wide range of medium duty (50-70mu) and Heavy Duty (100-125mu) Polythene Bags.

Sold in small packs of 25’s or the larger sizes come individually.

Heavy duty bags great for landscape supplies – soil, chip, bark. – Can be custom printed


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1100x1600mm 70mu, 125x200mm 70mu, 200x300mm 100mu, 200x300mm 70mu, 225x375mm 125mu, 225x375mm 70mu, 250x375mm 125mu, 250x375mm 70mu, 300x450mm 125mu, 375x500mm 125mu, 375x500mm 60mu, 450x600mm 125mu, 450x600mm 70mu, 450x750mm 125mu, 500x865mm 125mu WHITE, 600x1200mm 125mu, 600x1200mm 70mu, 600x900mm 125mu, 600x900mm 60mu, 660x1400mm 125mu, 900x1350mm 100mu, 950x1700mm 100mu