$199.95 ex. GST


HYGEN™ PULSE Spray Mop provides Healthcare facilities with an ergonomic, bucket-less mopping system to help cover more square feet in less time than traditional systems. There’s no need for a separate bucket; the microfibre pad offers an improved cleaning experience — using floor cleaner or other cleaning solution, spray mops with a microfibre pad can properly pick up dirt and dust in a faster, easier and more efficient way than a traditional mop head.


No matter the floor type, whether you’re cleaning polished concrete, tile, laminate floor, timber floor or wooden floor, you can use your microfibre cleaning pad and cleaning product to take care of your foundational surfaces. Learn more about our washable pad cleaning system today along with other related products.

  • Patented on-board reservoir and solution system evenly dispenses liquid cleaning solution behind the mop head
  • On-board reservoir holds enough solution to clean 79 square metres
  • Ergonomic trigger handle dispenses three sprays of cleaner
  • Lightweight and ergonomic – the spray mop pad system weighs only 2.59 kg when fully loaded
  • Non-slip tip helps prevent the handle from sliding and falling when placed against a wall


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