Compostable Courier Mailer Bags – FS – 280x380mm- Pack 100

$45.00 ex. GST


  • 100 bags per pack
  • Made from plants
  • Home compostable
  • Meet the AS (Australian) and EN (European) standards for home and commercial composting
  • Can be put in home compost bin, worm farm and the bio plastic products can be placed on your garden
  • Made with corn starch, PLA and PBAT.  We use non-toxic inks to provide you with a natural alternative to traditional plastic-based courier bags.
  • Certified to comply with the International Standards for home and commercial composting.  EN13432 / AS4736 / AS5810.  Please check if your local composting facility can take bioplastics.  Not all facilities can take them.
  • Please note that the courier bag and packaging bag is compostable however the removable backing from the adhesive strip is made from PE plastic to maintain the adhesive.  This strip can be recycled with your standard soft recycling.
  • Approx 3 month shelf life

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A2 450x610mm (100/pack)