Galewrap – Pre-stretched Pallet wrap

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  • GaleWrap provides an easy to apply alternative to traditional films particularly for hand wrapping applications. It is easy to apply as it does not need to be stretched by the operator thus reducing manual handling during pallet wrapping applications. As a pre-stretched film, GaleWrap provides considerable cost and waste reduction benefits as less film is required to effectively wrap and secure the load.
  • GaleWrap has post wrap contraction so it will continue to contract around the load even after the load is wrapped
  • GaleWrap is cheaper on either a cost per roll, cost be square foot or cost per load basis
  • GaleWrap can wrap pallets with fewer revolutions which increases customer pallet wrapping efficiency because the rolls are pre-stretched to their maximum yields
  • GaleWrap pre-stretched pallet wrapping film is easy to use and wraps pallets tighter and faster
  • GaleWrap rolls are very lightweight decreasing OH&S risks and associated back injuries
  • GaleWrap has hemmed edges that guarantee that the entire roll will be used
  • GaleWrap has puncture resistance and if it is punctured it will not propagate or zipper 

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430mm x 600m Galewrap with core, 430mm x 600m Galewrap without core, Red Galewrap Dispensers