Corrugated Cardboard Rolls – 900mm x 75m

$80.00 ex. GST


We stock a wide range of sizes of single face Corrugated Board rolls. Ranging from 300mm up to 1800mm wide.

Corrugated cardboard is corrugated on one side and flat on the other.  It offers great protection for products.  Can be cut off the roll and used to wrap awkward sized parcels.

Eco-friendly option also as it is recyclable, biodegradable and made from recycled cardboard.

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1000mm x 75m, 1200mm x 5m, 1200mm x 75m, 1400mm x 75m, 1500mm x 75m, 1800mm x 75m, 300mm x 75m, 500mm x 75m, 600mm x 75m, 700mm x 75m, 900mm x 75m