Anti-Static Bubble Protective Wrap

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55.00Protects sensitive electronic equipment from electrostatic discharge, shock and vibration.

  • Wrap comes in an easily identifiable pink colour
  • 10mm bubble diameter
  • Anti-Static Bubble is made from a combination of LDPE resin and anti-static agent, offering adequate anti-static and cushioning protections
  • Material:Made from LDPE resins with anti-static additive.
  • Function:Electric insulation, electric conduction, anti-static and shock cushioning protections.
  • Application:Electronic products, IC boards, computer parts and precision instruments.

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1200mm x 60m, 200 x 360mm x 60m Perforated on roll, 300 x 300mm x 60m Perforated on roll, 300mm x 60m, 440 x 480mm x 60m Perforated on roll, 600mm x 60m