UHB Dark Grey/Black Foamed Acrylic Tape – 2045/2046 1.1mm/1.5mm

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  • Excellent UV, Moisture & Weather resistance.
  • Operating temperature resistance between – 30°C to + 120°C.
  • Very Good conformability & compressibility for uneven surfaces.
  • Excellent resistance to most solvents, chemicals & cleaning agents.
  • Absorbs dynamic stress loads & accommodates degrees of differential expansion between different substrates.
  • Coated with a high tack / shear modified acrylic adhesive.
  • No corrosion or deformation.



  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Metals & Powder coated products.
  • Laminates
  • Excellent on all High Surface Energy surfaces.
  • A primer is recommended on Low Surface Energy surfaces.



  • Excellent for bonding dissimilar materials such as laminates, metal & plastics.
  • Permanent joining of metals in textured surface applications.
  • Used for metal, plastic trim mouldings & panel mounting in the Automotive, Marine & Construction markets.
  • Mounting of architectural hardware – decorative trim, glazing bars & profiles.
  • Ideal for metal to metal bonding where dark grey /black colour is unobtrusive, also used on PVC extrusions.
  • Excellent for die cutting required shapes or profiles


  • Codes           Thickness 2045              1.1 mm 2046              1.5 mm

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2045 1.1mm x 18mm x 33m, 2045 1.1mm x 24mm x 33m, 2046 1.5mm x 18mm x 33m, 2046 1.5mm x 24mm x 33m