4711 PVC Nitrile Foam Tape

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4711 PVC Nitrile Foam Tape

  • Density: Medium/Firm
  • Thickness: 3,6,9,12mm
  • Colour: Black
  • High Bond Acrylic adhesive
  • Very good resistance to compression set, tearing and abrasion.
  • Excellent resistance to most petroleum products, oils, chemicals and solvents.
  • Flame retardant to FMVS-302 and self-extinguishing
  • Electrically non-conductive – used as an electrolysis barrier
  • Excellent for sealing switchboards cabinets and electrical enclosures
  • Good for all closures requiring constant opening and closing
  • used for high-temperature critical closures (UL94 rating)
  • Used as an effective weather stripping and insulation sealing foam in building and construction
  • Effective sealing tape for automotive, refrigeration, air conditioning and marine applications.
  • Suitable for die-cutting and the making of gasket profiles.

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12mm 6mm x 6m, 12mm x 12mm x 6m, 12mm x 15mm x 6m, 12mm x 18mm x 6m, 12mm x 24mm x 6m, 12mm x 36mm x 6m, 12mm x 48mm x 6m, 12mm x 9mm x 6m, 3mm x 12mm x 25m, 3mm x 15mm x 25m, 3mm x 18mm x 25m, 3mm x 24mm x 25m, 3mm x 36mm x 25m, 3mm x 48mm x 25m, 3mm x 6mm x 25m, 3mm x 9mm x 25m, 6mm x 12mm x 12m, 6mm x 15mm x 12m, 6mm x 18mm x 12m, 6mm x 24mm x 12m, 6mm x 36mm x 12m, 6mm x 48mm x 12m, 6mm x 6mm x 12m, 6mm x 9mm x 12m, 9mm x 12mm x 8m, 9mm x 15mm x 8m, 9mm x 18mm x 8m, 9mm x 24mm x 8m, 9mm x 36m x 8m, 9mm x 48mm x 8m, 9mm x 6mm x 8m, 9mm x 9mm x 8m