Foam 2 Medium Closed Cell PVC Foam

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Medium Density PVC Foam with long life Acrylic Adhesive

Butyl graphic 2 White Silicone Release Paper
Medium Density PVC Foam
High Bond Acrylic Adhesive
  • This versatile tape provides an excellent combination of flexibility and conformability with strength and wear resistance
  • Performs in those tough duty applications where a tape must still flex to fit and seal.
  • Good resistance to weathering, UV, oxidation, mildew, fungus and most chemicals
  • Providing solutions for Sealing, Cushioning, Dampening, Insulating, and Protecting.


  • Code: Foam 2
  • Foam Thickness: 1.6, 32, 4.8, 6.4, 9.5 & 12
  • Widths: Slit to customer requirements.

    We only stock 3.2mm x 24mm x 25m – for all other sizes please enquire.

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1.6mm x 12mm x 46m, 1.6mm x 15mm x 46m, 1.6mm x 19mm x 46m, 1.6mm x 24mm x 46m, 12.7mm x 12mm x 7m, 12.7mm x 15mm x 5m, 12.7mm x 19mm x 5m, 12.7mm x 24mm x 5m, 3.2mm x 12mm x 25m, 3.2mm x 15mm x 25m, 3.2mm x 19mm x 25m, 3.2mm x 24mm x 25m, 4.8mm x 12mm x 15m, 4.8mm x 15mm x 15m, 4.8mm x 19mm x 15m, 4.8mm x 24mm x 15m, 6.4mm x 12mm x 15m, 6.4mm x 15mm x 15m, 6.4mm x 19mm x 15m, 6.4mm x 24mm x 15m, 9.5mm x 12mm x 7m (Grey), 9.5mm x 15mm x 7m (Grey), 9.5mm x 19mm x 7m (Grey), 9.5mm x 24mm x 7m (Grey)