Sellotape 5850 Exteriormask Tape

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Sellotape® ExteriorMASK™ is a blue vinyl film coated with a specially formulated clear adhesive. ExteriorMASK is coated with a rubber resin, solvent based adhesive. As a result, ExteriorMASK™ is resistant to moisture and is therefore suited to exterior paint. Prolonged exposure to U.V conditions is not recommended.

  • Being a vinyl tape, ExteriorMASK™ has a fine edge, which will provide clean edges needed in all painting applications.
  • ExteriorMASK™ is hand tearable and should be removed within 10 days of application.


  • Where moisture is present – ideal for exterior surfaces or marine application.
  • Will conform to irregular shapes.
  • Spraying applications or other uses where fine lines are needed
  • Specially formulated adhesive suitable for more demanding applications

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24mm x 55m