710ST Ultra Sealing Tape

$172.29 ex. GST


Product Specifications

Premium single sided acrylic for waterproofing, airtightness & durability.

Adhesive: Acrylic.
Carrier: Exclusive Acrylic Film.
Protective Release Liner: PET Film
Thickness: 1.0mm
Colour: Clear
Roll Length: 33m
Roll Width: Slit to various width sizes.

• A replacement for traditional sealant methods.
• Extra thickness for gap filling & conformability.
• Flexible internal structure for vibration & thermal expansion/contraction.
• Structurally strong to combat environmental conditions – UV, humidity, water, snow & abrasion.
• Excellent resistance to most common solvents & high-pressure washing.
• Long life – no cracking or crumbling.
• Quick – no dry time.
• Seamless sealing – improved aesthetics.
• Paintable for colour compatibility.


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710ST 1mmx50mmx33m