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3M™ All Weather Flashing Tape 8067

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3M™ All Weather Flashing Tape 8067

3M™ All Weather Flashing Tape 8067 is a waterproof flashing membrane for sealing around openings in exterior walls. 8067 All Weather Flashing Tape has a unique adhesive which allows it to stay stuck in high and low temperature applications.  It even adheres to damp surfaces.  Ideal on the building site when applying this tape in all weather conditions, all year round.

8067 All Weather Flashing Tape also sticks to most common building materials without the use of primers or staples.  This saves time and money as there is only one application required.

The unique adhesive on the 8067 All Weather Flashing Tape allows it to stick and stay stuck to building materials around doors, windows and other openings. The thin backing on the tape conforms around nails and staples to prevent moisture getting in.

8067 All Weather Flashing Tape is mostly used for sealing around window sills, jambs and frames in wooden framed buildings.

It is also recommended for sealing around dryer vents and hose bibs. 

It can be used as a concealed flashing in vertical walls in frame construction as it prevents moisture getting in and stops water leaks.

The best thing about the 8067 Flashing Tape is that it remains stuck in extreme temperatures. The temperature range that it can be applied in is -18° to 80°C.

The backing is very strong and resists punctures and tears. The split paper release liner provides a faster application and enables easy and accurate positioning of the tape.

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