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A trip up to Auckland for the 3M New Zealand Open Day

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Who needs an excuse to go to Auckland? Not me! So when 3M announced they were having an Open Day, I booked flights immediately. 

For one whole day, 3M were having live demonstrations of many of their innovative products.  The Innovation Centre was open for people to walk through and see products on display.  There was a Virtual reality experience showcasing there reflective tapes.  Samples, brochures and expert product information was available from on hand specialist sales people.

I took my son up to as well and he got to experience the virtual reality and have a go at applying Floor Marking Tape 471 with the applicator and how to automatically tape a carton with the 700a 3M-Matic Case Sealer.  It was quite an educational visit for him and he really enjoyed it.

When we arrived we were greeted by a familiar face and introduced to a few new people that we had spoken with over the phone but had never met in person.  It is always nice to put a face to the name.  We were then given a map and lead into the Innovation Centre to explore the wide range of interesting and innovative products on display.

First stop was the Virtual Reality experience and the display of vehicle safety tapes like conspicuity tape (otherwise know as a highly reflective safety tape that reflects light and can be seen in the dark). You would have seen this tape on big transport trucks, making them extra visible at night.

Then onto the Building and Architecture section where there were various tapes and products used in construction.  All weather flashing tape 8067 and wooden veneer films. Reclosable fasteners and hook and loop systems.  Very high bond (VHB) tapes, foam tapes, Duct tapes, Masking Tapes, Aluminium Foil Tapes, Extreme Sealing Tapes, Adhesives and Sealants, Scotch Weld Hot Melt adhesives, Solvents and Cleaners.

3M Building and Construction Products Catalogue

Did you know that 3M also do a water filtration system with an easy change filter cartridge? The AP902/903 Aqua Pure Whole of House Filtration system was on display. This filter reduces sediment, chlorine, taste and odour.

From Building and Construction, we moved onto Facilities Care and Cleaning Solutions.  Here we got to test scourers, surface cleaners, mops, sticky door mats etc


The sticky door mat cleans the bottom of your shoes before you walk inside.  All the dirt particles and leaves etc stick to the mat when you walk over it. There are many sheets per mat so you just peel off the top layer when you want a new one.

This was just the first level.  Then we ventured upstairs where we found the Branding and Signage area.  All the 3M films for car signage were on display.  The range of colours was amazing. They had little fish printed and cut out which my son had fun placing on the aquarium wall.


Then we went on to find out all about Brewing Beer and how 3M have a filtration system that turns cloudy beer, clear. It was all a bit technical for me but the stainless steel system looked very impressive.

The next station was the Packaging area and this is in our field of expertise. 3M were showing their range of Floor Marking Tapes and some new innovative tapes in the market.  Like the water channeling tape that channels condensation from metal pipes along a tape with tiny grooves to prevent drips for contaminating the products and from dripping on the floor creating a slip hazard.  This tape has recently been trialed in a lettuce growing production plant where condensation was forming along the pipes and drips were dripping onto their lettuces.  This was a contamination problem so the condensation tape enabled the water to be channeled along so the water did not drip on the product.  For more information on Condensation Film, click here.

It was a great day out for Hero.  He got to have a go on the carton sealing machine 3M-Matic 700a

There were so many new and interesting products on display.

A Window Insulator kit that anyone can apply at home! I will be getting some of these in  – Window Insulator Kit

Giant Lint Rollers!

Foam pads, bumpons, felt pads, sliders for shifting furniture, mini packs of dual lock, scotchbrite products like glass cleaners and fabric cleaners, eco friendly scrubbing sponges….post it notes, magic tapes, moving tapes……

So many products.  It was a very interesting visit. I think Hero also had a very educational day and it was worth missing school for.