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Can I recycle palletwrap and shrink film?

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It is possible for your business to recycle all your soft plastic waste such as pallet wrap and bubble wrap.  You can get a bin put on site for all your soft plastic waste and it can be collected on a regular basis.

Here is the link: Waste Management

Other organisations who either collect plastic material and arrange for it to be exported or recycled in New Zealand include:

Astron Plastics Ltd
Smart Environmental Ltd 
JJ International Ltd
Reclaim Ltd

Today less than 1% of the waste produced during the manufacture of plastic articles is sent to landfill with member companies either reprocessing their waste in house or sending it to a plastic recycler.

Some plastic manufacturers have also arranged with their customers to operate a take back scheme and will reprocess clean waste returned to them. Examples include offcuts of EPS insulation materials and plastic pipe from building sites.

Waste Collection companies and Plastic Recyclers also arrange to collect and recycle clean plastic waste from a range of industrial and retail businesses. This is a win/win as it does not make sense to pay landfill costs for something that is easily recycled whether in New Zealand or overseas.

Commercial plastic film or shrink and shroud wrap makes up 60% of all recycled plastics in New Zealand. Most businesses have products delivered wrapped in plastic film. Because it is usually clean it is a great material to recycle. LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and PP films are those most commonly recycled.

There are many good options for recycling or re-use and many organisations that can help. However it is not always possible for a country of New Zealand’s size to have the infrastructure and capability to recycle all the various plastic materials used in NZ. Consequently plastics are also collected and exported overseas for recycling.