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Single Sided Foam Tapes – Foam 1 Range

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  • Single sided PVC Foam Tape (Foam 1) – High Bond Acrylic Adhesive.
  • Available in the following thicknesses: 1.6mm/3.2mm/4.8mm/6.4mm/9.5mm/12mm and 19mm


  • The closed cell foam structure completely seals out air, moisture, vapour, light and dust when compressed at least 30%.
  • Excellent in applications requiring a positive seal on irregular surfaces or when flex and conformability is critical.
  • Strong and resilient designed to absorb shocks, cushion, deadens sound and eliminates excess vibration.
  • The foam is resistant to UV, ozone, oxidation and fungi, making it well suited for exterior applications.
  • This foam is flame retardant – meeting the FMVSS 302 standard.
  • Good resistance to most chemicals



  • Used as an effective seal in concrete form work.
  • Sealing between door and window frames and light fittings
  • Positive seal onto Aluminium cladding profiles in portable building construction
  • Used to provide a watertight seal for roof nails
  • Certified for use in automotive and transportation sealing applications
  • Sealing tape for kitchens and wet room stainless steel benches
  • Not suitable for long term open and close applications

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