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Eco Friendly Protective Paper Wrapping.

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Here at Shardlows Packaging, we have quite a few options for you when it comes to environmentally friendly wrapping and void fill.

We have stocked Ranpaks Geami Wrap for quite a few years now and it has been so popular as a unique protective gift wrapping and as a void fill product.

The Geami wrap either comes in a dispenser pack with a layer of tissue for easy use or we have the Geami wrap in a bulk roll. The bulk roll of Geami does not come in a dispenser and does not have the tissue.

If you only want to try a small amount, we do have available a small roll of pre-stretched Geami Ready Rolls.

This product is great for wrapping delicate items like glass bottles, jewellery, small gifts etc. To use, you just pull some off the roll and stretch it, then wrap your item. The hexagonal sliced pattern creates a protective cushioning for your product.

The Geami Wrap is bio-degradable, compostable and recyclable. The paper is also FSC certified.

Geami Bulk Roll
Geami Dispenser Roll
Geami Ready Roll