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Hazard Marking Tapes for Warehouses

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Protect your employees and site visitors with 3M Vinyl Floor Marking Tape. You can help prevent accidents and reduce injuries by using brightly coloured pressure-sensitive tape markings on floors, walls, stairs, physical hazards, equipment and pipelines.

3M Vinyl Tapes 471 and 5702 identify warnings that promote safety and caution, reducing the chance of error and injury.

Each colour represents a specific hazard or warning;

Red: Indicates STOP or DANGER.  Red identifies fire protection equipment, including fire alarm boxes, fire blanket boxes, fire extinguishers and emergency STOP buttons.

Yellow: Indicates CAUTION.  Yellow is used for marking aisles and physical hazards such as: low pipes, hand rails, pillars and fixtures that extend into work areas. Yellow is also used to warn against using equipment under repair.

Green:  Indicates Safety Equipment. Green indicates the location of, or directions to emergency related facilities.

Blue: Indicates Mandatory Action.  Such as wearing safety goggles, hearing protection, or information such as location of the telephone.

Red and White Stripe: Indicates the location of first aid and fire protection equipment.

Black and Yellow Stripe:  Indicates tripping hazards.  Indicates changes in floor levels as well as obstruction low head-room areas and mobile equipment.


Advantages of Using Floor marking Tape

  1. Cost effective – outlasts many other marking systems
  2. Thin and conformable tape – resists abrasion, moisture, chemicals and most solvents
  3. Excellent colour retention
  4. Tape can be applied easily and can be applied by any employee in the factory
  5. Tape can be applied for either temporary or permanent use.
  6. A lane marking applicator can be used to make it easier to apply.

For everyday medium traffic areas, 471 and 5702 is recommended.  This has excellent scuff and abrasion resistance, excellent adhesion, good clean removal.

For heavy traffic areas, the new 971 is recommended. 

Ultra durable floor marking tape – 971: this is specially engineered to stand up to tough conditions where you need floor marking staying power.  971 has a thick backing which provides excellent abrasion resistance and withstands lifting from forklift traffic and dragging pallets.  It has a clean removal from the floor when you need to remove and change the layout of your warehouse.  Also the 971 has a PLA backing – that is a plant based backing rather than petroleum based.  This makes this tape more environmentally friendly. 

Both the 971 and 471 come in a range of colours for different applications and areas in your warehouse. 

971 – Blue, white, yellow, red  

471 – Blue, white, yellow, red, black, green, orange