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NatureFlex™ Cellophane Bags – biodegradable or compostable?

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Many customers ask us whether our NatureFlex™ Cellophane bags are biodegradable or compostable. Well in fact, they are both. Biodegradation is part of the composting process. Biodegradable means that a product will break down over time due to natural processes. For a product to be classified as Compostable, the product must breakdown into CO2, water and biomass at the same rate as other biomaterials.

NatureFlex™ cellulose is a bio-based and compostable film used for flexible packaging. The principle raw material is cellulose, derived from wood pulp from sustainable forests. It is essentially a see through paper that acts similarly to other plastics but is biodegradable. The bags will not breakdown on the shelf as they require oxygen, moisture and microorganisms to breakdown.

NatureFlex™ provides a good barrier to oxygen, moisture, oils and aromas.

NatureFlex™ cellulose film is different to Oxo-degradable films which are not digested by microorganisms, but rather breakdown into harmful micro-plastics. 

The great thing about Cellophane bags is that they are food safe, clear and crisp, breathable, heat sealable and completely biodegradable and home compostable.

We have a range of sizes available in packets of 100 to suit all your requirements.

These bags are perfect for food packaging, gift packaging, cards etc.