Mailing Tubes

$0.72$9.00 ex. GST



Cardboard mailing tubes with or without endcaps. Available in different lengths and diameters.

Can be custom made to any size but minimums will apply – please mail for a quote.

We do stock a couple of sizes in our showroom that you can buy individually; 470mm x 50mm : 620mm x 50mm : 620mm x 63mm

  • Other sizes available in minimums of 20. Better pricing is available at 50 and 100 (please enquire).
  • Prices listed here are per each for quantites of 10.
  • Endcaps to be purchased separately.

Great for mailing artworks, plans, gifts and other items that can be rolled up.

Additional information


100mmm endcaps, 470mm x 50mm x 2mm, 50mm endcaps, 620mm x 50mm x 2mm, 620mm x 66mm x 2mm, 620mm x 76mm x 3mm, 66mm end caps, 750mm x 100mm x 3mm, 750mm x 76mm x 3mm, 750mmx66mmx3mm, 76mm endcaps, 920mm x 100mm x 3mm, 920mm x 76mm x 3mm