Brown Kraft Paper Rolls

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We stock a wide range of widths and thicknesses of brown kraft paper rolls.

  • 50gsm – ideal for masking
  • 60gsm – for masking, lightweight wrapping
  • 80gsm – good medium weight for wrapping
  • 120gsm – heavy weight for wrapping parcels with sharp edges. Also good for pattern making
  • 165gsm – heavy weight. Ideal for pattern making
  • 250gsm – Pattern Card

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1200mm x 120gsm x 165m, 1200mm x 165gsm x 125m, 1200mm x 250gsm x 80m, 1200mm x 50gsm x 400m, 1200mm x 60gsm x 310m, 1200mm x 80gsm x 250m, 1500mm x 120gsm x 165m, 1600mm x 50gsm x 400m, 1800mm x 165gs x 125m, 1800mm x 50gsm x 400m, 1850mm x 125gsm x 165m, 2000mm x 165gsm x 125m, 300mm x 50gsm x 400m, 450mm x 50gsm x 400m, 450mm x 60gsm x 310m, 600mm x 120gsm x 165m, 600mm x 50gsm x 400m, 600mm x 60gsm x 310m, 600mm x 80gsm x 250m, 750mm x 50gsm x 400m, 750mm x 65gsm x 310m, 900mm x 120gsm x 165m, 900mm x 165gsm x 125m, 900mm x 250gsm x 80m, 900mm x 50gsm x 400m, 900mm x 60gsm x 310m, 900mm x 80gsm x 250m